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How Much Should You Bid in Google AdWords?

This is one of the most difficult questions for businesses that are just getting started in Google AdWords. While there is no easy answer, I'll attempt to provide you with some clarity so you can make more educated bids in your Google AdWords program. Understanding...

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The Simple Guide to Google AdWords Metrics

After working with many small businesses, I realize that the metrics in Google AdWords can be daunting. In this blog, I attempt to demystify the metrics by describing them in simple terms and providing a little context around each of them. If there are other metrics...

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Small Business Introduction to Google AdWords

Google AdWords can be intimidating for those new to the platform, but it's an online marketing tool that small businesses and entrepreneurs should consider leveraging to drive quality traffic to their website. This brief guide will describe why AdWords is so powerful,...

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3 Common AdWords Mistakes for Small Businesses

Get your free copy of this guide to avoid making these 3 HUGE mistakes that small businesses make all the time. You'll learn how to correct or avoid these mistakes to prevent wasted ad spend and lackluster results in AdWords programs.
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