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Pay-per-Click marketing (more commonly referred to as PPC) is the fastest way to start driving traffic to your website. While Google AdWords, the largest PPC platform, is fairly simple at its core, setting up a new Google AdWords program is time-consuming and can get very complicated very quickly. There are a number of best practices and strategies you need to leverage to make sure you’re driving profitable results for your business and not wasting your budget.

In 2017, I personally launched and managed PPC programs spending over $250,000, consistently driving leads and sales for my small business clients ranging from travel and immigration to family law and nanny services. I’m excited to leverage my experience to craft a PPC program to help grow your brand!

The Floodlight AdWords Setup & Launch Process

Stage 1: Understanding Your Business
Through an in-depth 1-2 hour consultation, I’ll take time to learn about your business, your goals for the future and any PPC efforts you’ve made in the past. We’ll discuss your target market, products or services you’d like to focus on and a number of other topics important to developing your Google AdWords program.
Stage 2: Website Evaluation & Conversion Tracking
I’ll review your website and evaluate 2 critical aspects of any online marketing program. First, I’ll review the landing pages (the pages we plan to send traffic to) to ensure they provide opportunities for prospects to turn into customers. Next, I’ll confirm that conversion tracking is in place so we can directly measure the impact of your PPC program. If tracking isn’t already set up, I’ll discuss tracking options with you and work with you on implementation. Depending on your website, I may not be able to implement tracking for you.
Stage 3: Keyword Research
I’ll conduct keyword research using a number of different tools I have at my disposal including the Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends and a suite of competitive intelligence platforms (along with a little common sense). I’ll provide a list of potential keywords for your feedback since no one knows your business like you do! We’ll review the list and discuss various aspects of the keywords such as cost, level of competition and likelihood of delivering leads and sales.
Stage 4: Structuring Your Campaigns
Once you approve the final keyword list, I’ll structure the program based on best practices, your business structure, and your goals. I’ll focus on making sure you’re able to allocate budget across areas of your business, target locations as well as device types. Depending on your business, we may include other considerations as well.
Stage 5: Ad Copy & Extensions
With the overall program structure in place, I’ll develop your ad copy, incorporating your small business’s value proposition and ensuring your ads are as relevant as possible to the searchers we’re targeting. I’ll also implement ad extensions designed to enhance your ad by including phone numbers, callouts, and various relevant pages across your site.
Stage 6: Final Review & Launch
We’ll conduct a thorough final review of the program where I’ll walk you through the campaign from top to bottom and answer any questions you might have. I’ll point out a few things you should keep an eye on as you manage the program after launch. With your final approval, we’ll turn on your program and start driving traffic!

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with your PPC program, you may request a refund up to 30 days after launch. Your program will be discontinued and you will no longer have access. Full details on the money back guarantee.

Google AdWords Setup Pricing

Happy Floodlight Clients

"Kim is AMAZING! I’ve worked with many vendors over the years and Kim is in a different league altogether. He’s become much more than a service provider, but rather a valued member of our team - I feel like he really cares about the growth of our company and helping us achieve our goals."

Katie Provinziano

Founder & CEO of Westside Nannies

"From our first conversation, Kim's enthusiasm around marketing small businesses and helping them succeed was clear. Kim took the time to explain everything we needed to know to fully understand our online marketing efforts and provided strategic guidance that we found essential to grow our business. He is an online marketing rock star and I highly recommend any growing business seek him out to get to the next level."

Jordan Sadoff

President, RESTORE Hair

"He is truly an expert in his field, yet was able to deliver information to my team of non-techies in a way we could understand. He is incredibly organized, dependable and friendly."

Daryl Camarillo

Founder & President, Stanford Park Nannies

"Kim McCumber is one of the best Google AdWords lead generation experts that I have ever met! Not only is he meticulous in every detail of managing a campaign, thorough in ensuring goals are met, but he is also a true champion of his customer!"

Alphonse Provinziano

Alphonse F. Provinziano

Experienced Divorce Attorney & Certified Family Law Specialist, Provinziano & Associates

"With Kim’s guidance, assurance, and unparalleled abilities we were able to achieve our desired results: more clicks, more clients, more candidates and more business! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Kim’s understanding of our niche industry, his ability to explain complicated issues in a way even an AdWords novice can understand, and the fact that he has been able to help me fine-tune our campaign to ensure we are getting the most bang for our buck!"

Jami Dennis, ABC Nannies

Jami Dennis

Owner & President, ABC Nannies