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As your business grows, online marketing plays a more important role in driving new customers to your business. However, finding the time to manage your online marketing efforts on top of all your other responsibilities is a major challenge. Working with Floodlight, you’ll have someone managing your entire online marketing program on your behalf, including Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Email Marketing and anything else you might need!

This service is extremely customized to your needs and designed to grow with your business.

How Online Marketing Management Works

Stage 1: Understanding Your Business

I’ll take time to learn about your business, your goals for the future and any online efforts you’ve made in the past. This includes an online questionnaire, research around your online presence and an in-depth conversation (or two) to ensure I all aspects of your business and what’s needed to help it grow.

Stage 2: The Gameplan

After learning about your business and goals, I’ll take some time to evaluate your strategy, research the competition, analyze your past efforts to help formulate an initial gameplan for our partnership. This typically results in a 6- or 12-month gameplan for your online marketing program. I’ll go through the Gameplan with you to get your input and help in prioritizing those areas you believe will be most impactful for your small business.

Stage 3: The Decision

Through the first two stages, there is no commitment. Once we’ve formulated a gameplan for your business, we’ll work together to develop a proposal for our partnership. I’ll address any questions or concerns you have and you’ll decide whether you’d like to partner with Floodlight on your online marketing efforts.

Stage 4: The Launch

For most clients, we’ll start with 2-3 initiatives over the first month. These are selected because we believe they’ll deliver the most impact for your business with a focus on the short-term, but always considering the long-term impact as well.

Stage 5: Progress & Evolution

We’ll have regular meetings to discuss the progress and impact of your online marketing efforts as well as upcoming initiatives. Many of the items discussed in the Gameplan will proceed as planned while others may need to be adjusted based on changes in your business, the impact of our initial programs and a number of other factors. We are partners in this journey and will make all decisions together.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t feel you received your money’s worth from our Monthly Online Marketing Management, I’m happy to provide a refund (within reason, of course!). My goal is helping small businesses succeed online! Click here for details on the money back guarantee.

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Happy Floodlight Clients

"Kim is AMAZING! I’ve worked with many vendors over the years and Kim is in a different league altogether. He’s become much more than a service provider, but rather a valued member of our team - I feel like he really cares about the growth of our company and helping us achieve our goals."

Katie Provinziano

Founder & CEO of Westside Nannies

"From our first conversation, Kim's enthusiasm around marketing small businesses and helping them succeed was clear. Kim took the time to explain everything we needed to know to fully understand our online marketing efforts and provided strategic guidance that we found essential to grow our business. He is an online marketing rock star and I highly recommend any growing business seek him out to get to the next level."

Jordan Sadoff

President, RESTORE Hair

"He is truly an expert in his field, yet was able to deliver information to my team of non-techies in a way we could understand. He is incredibly organized, dependable and friendly."

Daryl Camarillo

Founder & President, Stanford Park Nannies

"Kim McCumber is one of the best Google AdWords lead generation experts that I have ever met! Not only is he meticulous in every detail of managing a campaign, thorough in ensuring goals are met, but he is also a true champion of his customer!"

Alphonse Provinziano

Alphonse F. Provinziano

Experienced Divorce Attorney & Certified Family Law Specialist, Provinziano & Associates

"With Kim’s guidance, assurance, and unparalleled abilities we were able to achieve our desired results: more clicks, more clients, more candidates and more business! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Kim’s understanding of our niche industry, his ability to explain complicated issues in a way even an AdWords novice can understand, and the fact that he has been able to help me fine-tune our campaign to ensure we are getting the most bang for our buck!"

Jami Dennis, ABC Nannies

Jami Dennis

Owner & President, ABC Nannies