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You Need More Leads

Referrals and “free” lead sources just aren’t cutting it anymore and you need a scalable platform like Google Ads to grow your business.

Not Getting Enough Leads

You’re Invisible on Google

Your Business is Suffering

Your Business Deserves to Grow

You have expertise that helps your customers live better lives. All you need is a way to connect with them.

Google Ads is Complex

It takes time and dedication to learn Google Ads, but I’m confident that you can take on the challenge with the on-demand training provided through our Google Ads Academy program.

Let My Experience Work for You

I launched the training program for new employees at a digital agency and have taught numerous small businesses how to launch and manage their own Google Ads programs. I’m excited to help you!

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With Kim’s guidance, assurance, and unparalleled abilities we were able to achieve our desired results: more clicks, more clients, more candidates and more business! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Kim’s understanding of our niche industry, his ability to explain complicated issues in a way even an AdWords novice can understand, and the fact that he has been able to help me fine-tune our campaign to ensure we are getting the most bang for our buck!

Jami Dennis

Owner & President, ABC Nannies & Domestics

Kim McCumber is one of the best Google Ads lead generation experts that I have ever met! Not only is he meticulous in every detail of managing a campaign, and thorough in ensuring goals are met, but he is also a true champion of his customer!

Alphonse F. Provinziano

Experienced Divorce Attorney & Certified Family Law Specialist, Provinziano & Associates

He is an online marketing rock star and I highly recommend any growing business seek him out to get to the next level.

Jordan Sadoff

President, RESTORE Hair

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The Academy launched in November 2022 with a free course on implementing Google Analytics on your website.
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